Nowy termin składania abstraktów na V Konferencję ELPAT

14 Listopad 2018

Szanowni Państwo,

Termin składania abstraktów na V Konferencję ELPAT (Kraków, 26–29.04.2019 r.) został przedłużony do 18 listopada.

Dodatkowo zostanie przyznanych 5 grantów dostępnych dla początkujących naukowców lub osób z krajów rozwijających się.

Wszystkie informacje znajdą Państwo poniżej.

Z wyrazami szacunku,

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Przybyłowski

Prezes Polskiego Towarzystwa Transplantacyjnego


You have time until 18th November 2018 to submit your abstract and be accepted for a poster or oral presentation!

We welcome abstract submissions to the following topics:

  • Organ trade and paid donation (e.g. organ tourism; incentives and vouchers; transplant for non-nationals and refugees; legislative and non-legislative responses)
  • Pediatric donation and transplantation (e.g. neonatal donation; consent in children; role of the family; transition; young adult patients)
  • Public issues and communication (e.g. disparities in access; ethnicity, culture & religion; public campaigns; public perceptions; policies and practice)
  • Legal and ethical aspects (e.g. legal barriers and facilitators in donation and transplantation; euthanasia; allocation)
  • Psychosocial and lifestyle aspects (e.g. adherence and self-management; mental health and well-being; quality of life)
  • Living organ donation (e.g. anonymous donation; public solicitation; social media; informed consent; donor advocacy; promoting living donation; education and follow-up)
  • Deceased donation (e.g. definitions of death; donor interventions; research on deceased donors; role of the family)

Notification of acceptance or rejection of your abstract will be e-mailed to the contact author by 21st December 2018.


Grants are available for early stage researchers and delegates from emerging economies; for more information look at the website.